Lessons from Bar Rescue

As a longtime viewer of the hit TV show Bar Rescue, I’ve learned quite a bit on what it takes to succeed in the Bar and Restaurant business.  Spoiler alert – it’s NOT about having the best price or location.


John Taffer, in his book Raising The Bar, describes how people will wait in long lines, in bad weather, to get into a crowded bar.  The line and weather are insignificant if the EXPERIENCE when they get inside is great.

But the basics – quick service, quality food and drinks, and clean, well maintained facilities – are mandatory.  In my own personal experience, Managers and Owners often neglect or don’t keep up with these while they are chasing the experience piece.  It’s simply too much work to do it all. Let’s face it, the business doesn’t always bring in enough extra cash to hire another really great partner.

How this relates to WhosLive.Today really hit home the other day.  I was out with my wife and some friends and we were listening to a new, engaging singer.  I went to the bar’s website, and the calendar was blank – no mention of the singer.  No wonder the place wasn’t very full!

I found the manager and asked about it. His reply? “Oh, the person that keeps it current went back to school.”  The manager was busy just running the business, and the online stuff got neglected.


That’s where we come in.  Do you feature live entertainment? Your time is too valuable to spend updating your schedule. You don’t have time to create fresh digital screens. And you certainly didn’t open your place because you loved website maintenance. Your expertise should be spent running the business.  The online and tech stuff can easily be outsourced.

For less than the price of a few drinks, we can totally manage your schedule, update your digital signs, and keep your potential patrons up to date on WHY they should come spend their dollars at your venue.

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